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Registry description

The following is a description of a registry containing personal data, in compliance with the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/99) 10 §.

1. Register name

gosaimaa.com online service client register and client competitor register.

2. Compiling date of the Registry Description


3. Register holder

goSaimaa Ltd
Business ID: 2291705-5
Address: Kauppakatu 40, 53100 Lappeenranta
Tel. +358 (0) 207 120 560

goSaimaa Ltd holds a register on their own and the companies belonging to the same corporation

4. Person in charge of the registry matters

Tel. 0207 120 560
Email: info@gosaimaa.com

5. The intention of the personal data

The basis for the dealing with personal data is the information distribution, product and service offerings and provision; research, campaigns, and germane execution of competitions; advertising and marketing; maintained and produced by the register holder. In more detail, the personal data will be dealt with (i) as the basis of establishing, executing or actualizing client relations or other contract relations, (ii) pertinent recognition of person participating in the competition or other campaigning, (iii) the execution of membership, contract or other similar connection required for informing, analyzing, recording, maintaining and developing (iv) direct advertising, distance selling and other direct marketing and opinion and marketing research within the limits of the law, if the user has not forbidden the usage and recording of their personal data (v) usage in accordance with the unequivocal consent given by the user.

6. Data content of the register

User specific data content of the register may vary depending on the user behavior.

The following information will be marked as public: (i) name, (ii) title or profession, (ii) age, (iv) gender, (v) mother tongue, (vi) mailing address, (vii) telephone number, (viii) telefax number (ix) email address (x) company or corporation, (xi) possible prohibitions set by the user with regards to information handover for direct marketing purposes.

In order to enable and ensure the main procedures requiring chargeable services, client relations and contracts, the following information may be added to the register with the general data: (i) citizenship, (ii) social security number or DoB, (iii) client and user number or other similar means for identification, (iv) home country, (v) country of residence and taxing, (vi) possible business ID, (vii) the name of the company or community represented by the user, (viii) status within the community, (ix) corporate name, business IF, mailing address, telephone numbers, telefax numbers and website address of the employer, (x) starting date of the customer relation, (xi) belonging in a particular customer program or corporation and (xiii) targets of interest and other profiling information given by the user himself.

7. Regular data sources

The data will be collected from the users directly when they register to the service, while using the service, or otherwise participating in processes requiring data on the website. In addition, the data may be collected as chosen, within the compounds of law from the civic register and other public registrants.

8. Regular consignments of data. Transferring data outside EU and EEA

Data can be handed over to the parties belonging to the same corporation or other economical collision with the register holder, to the extent legally permissible. The separately defined limited personal data can be handed over for the execution of direct advertising, distance selling or other direct marketing and opinion and marketing research within the legal limits, unless the user has forbidden it.

The servers and other technical aids can be owned and maintained by an external service provider and the register holder may raise the necessary services required to use them from an external service provider. The data may be moved around within European Union and European Economic Area if necessary for the technical execution or if otherwise necessary in compliance with the Finnish Personal Data Act (23 §/2-5).

9. Depiction of the register protection precepts

The following precepts are followed in register protection: (i) register usage is instructed, (ii) the register data can be accessed only by pre assigned persons with regards to their work, (iii) the data will be gathered into electronic databases, and the servers they are located in are protected with firewalls, passwords and other up-to-date technical means, (iv) the servers containing the data are located in locked rooms with appropriate access control, and (v) written agreements made with possible external service providers require confidential handling and protection of the data as previously determined.

10. Revision and denial rights. Confidentiality authority

For information of users, the user has the right to check, in compliance with the Finnish Personal Data Act 26 §, the data recorded in the register. Requests regarding the execution of the Revision rights can be presented to the register holder either in writing utilizing the contact details stated in articles 3 and 4 or in person to the address stated in article 3.

Again for the information of the users it is to be known that the user has the right to forbid the register holder to handle data regarding him or herself regarding direct advertising, distance selling or other direct marketing and marketing and opinion research as well as personnel matricula and genealogy.

Again for the information of the users it is to be known that the confidentiality authority will give as conformable to Personal data Act authority guidance regarding handling and surveillance, and oversees the dealings of the personal data. The confidentiality authority also resolve previously defined matters regarding the execution of the revisions rights and mending of personal data. More information about the confidentiality authority can be found in www.tietosuoja.fi.

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