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Lappeenranta Imatra region, Finland

Lappeenranta and Imatra region facts, location and distances

Welcome to the Lappeenranta and Imatra region where you can discover the most stunning scenery in the heart of the Lake Saimaa area. There is a lot to experience around the year! For a perfect day in the great outdoors enjoy the sunshine and go swimming in the lake, or taste the local specialities sold at the market places and gourmet restaurants.

In winter you can go ice fishing, cross country skiing or ice skating on the frozen-over lake. In the summer season you can marvel the beautiful view of Lake Saimaa during a cruise or take part in one of the many guided tours.

The leisure pools and relaxing, pampering treatments available at our spas add a little luxury to your holiday. The spas are open all year around. You can choose to stay in a high standard spa or city centre hotel, or else in a lakeside villa or holiday home, enjoying the luxury of peace and quiet.


  • Historical provinces: South Finland, Province of Vyborg, Province of Kymi
  • Biggest city: Lappeenranta
  • Surface: 7 240 km²
  • Population: 131 764 (2014)
  • Population density: 19,1 persons/km²
  • Regional bird: Nightingale
  • Regional fish: Lake salmon
  • Regional flower: Pale pasque flower
  • Regional stone: Spectrolite

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Why is Finland so awesome?

So we don’t like to do too much bragging, but when searching for information about Finland on the internet, one can not help but notice the various favourable results in different metrics. Take a gander at the list below, there might be a few surprising ones too!

National Geographics number one pick for silence-seekers and nature enthusiasts in 2017.

Lonely Planet selected Finland as the 3rd best destination in 2017.

The safest country on Earth according to the World Economic Forum (2016).

The Legatum Institute 2016 ranked Finland 3rd on global prosperity index.

The most saunas per capita in the world: 5 million inhabitants, over 3 million saunas.

Lake Saimaa is listed as one of the 5 most beautiful lakes in the world by the WSJ (2014).

Helsinki is the World’s most honest city per the Reader’s Digest study.

Bloomberg picked Finland among the top places to visit in 2017.

We're also the most Eco-friendly country according to the 2016 Environmental Performance Index (EPI)

Appreciate safety on your travels? Time magazine ranks Finland as the safest country to visit in 2017.


Location of Lappeenranta and Imatra region

Lappeenranta and Imatra region is located in South Karelia that is a border province in the southeast corner of Finland, between the Saimaa lake district and Russia. It has for centuries been part of the old, historical Karelia - a borderland between the cultures of East and West. As a province South Karelia is young, for it only aquired its present borders under the post-war treaty in the 1940's, but the first settlers came to the area thousands of years ago. Today South Karelia is a province of great diversity: an expanding economy, giant wood-processing mills, white steamers, the Imatrankoski Rapids, rare seals and flowers, spectrolite, moraine ridges and verdant groves.

Distances Imatra Mikkeli Savonlinna Kouvola Kotka Helsinki St.Petersburg Vyborg
Lappeenranta 37 km 118 km 154 km 87 km 110 km 221 km 195 km 62 km
Imatra 139 km 118 km 122 km 145 km 256 km 210 km 65 km


The names of cities are links to their respective web-pages.


  • Helsinki - Luumäki (the southernmost municipality in South Karelia) 180 km
  • Helsinki - Parikkala (the northernmost municipality in South Karelia) 365 km
  • Helsinki - Nuijamaa International Border-Crossing point 247 km
  • Helsinki - Imatra International Border-Crossing point 263 km
Lake Saimaa, Purest Finland Regional Council of South Karelia Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment Rural 2020 The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas
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