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Terms of use

Terms of use for the gosaimaa.com website

Welcome to the gosaimaa.com World Wide Web site (“Website”). Read these terms of use (“Terms”) carefully before using the website.

By navigating to the website as a user (“User”) you commit to following the Terms. Unless you fully accept all of the Terms, the use of the Website is forbidden.

1. Administrators

The administration of the Website is divided between the travel organizations operating in the South Karelia area, the provider of technical maintenance and third parties.

Responsibility of content in general:
goSaimaa Oy

Technical maintenance
Tietotalo Oy

2. Services and information provided by third parties

Some sections of the Website may contain content provided by the Content producers (“Content producer”) or other third parties or in which the Content producers or other third parties offer their product and services. The administrators are not responsible in any way for the information content, products or services of the Content producers or other possible third parties, nor are they in any way operating as a party in any such contracts, commitments or obligations, distributor or representative, nor do they state any kind of an opinion on such matters.

The administrator has the right, but not the obligation to delete or modify information content of the Content producers or other possible third parties without prior notice on the Website and set restrictions, modifications and demands that apply. However, the administrator does not take any responsibility for the production or supervision of such information content provided by the parties in question.

3. Protection of privacy and use of personal data

The administration aims on its part to execute the Website in such a manner that no persons’ privacy is jeopardized and that regulations, public authority commandments and good manners apply in the activities of the Website. The use of some web pages may require registration, a part of which will be the gathering of personal according to the Finnish Personal data Act. Executing some of the functions on the website may require the use of cookies.

4. Links to third party websites, links to websites

The Website may contain links to the World Wide Web- pages (“Link pages”) of the Content producers or other third parties. When navigating to a Link page the User must explore and approve the possible terms of use for the website in question before using the website. The Link pages are in no way under the authority or influence of the administrators, and can therefore in no way be influenced regarding their content, actions or terms. The administrators are not responsible in any way for the content of actions of the Link pages, or of the effect or consequences using them might have on the User. The links on the Website are executed solely as a technical solution available to the User, that might make attaining information easier, and by founding such a link LM does not mean in any way to promote, recommend or support any Link page or any information content, product or service provided on a Link page.

If the User wants to form a link on his own website to the Website, linking should be executed in a way that the link leads to the front page of the Website. The linking should be executed according to good manners, so that it becomes clear to the user of the link that the User, KEHY and Wirma and the websites of these parties are completely unrelated to each other.

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