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Lappeenranta, Finland

Guided tours in Lappeenranta and Imatra

A guided tour in Lappeenranta or Imatra region will bring you back in time to experience the interesting history of our region. If you would like to book a guided walking tour or bus tour please contact the tourist information offices. There is no minimum group size so also small groups can easily enjoy the services of our professional and inspiring guides!

Guided walking tours or bus tours can be organised all year round. 

For Imatra region please contact:
Imatra Tours
tel. +358 400 379 509


Imatra Tourist Guides
tel. +358 50 354 5071

For Lappeenranta region please contact:
Saimaa Travel
Central railway station (Matkakeskus)
Ratakatu 23, 53100 Lappeenranta
Tel. +358 5 541 0100

Guided tours


Personal guide for groups 

There are several theme excursions as well as tailored group excursions.

For example:
Dragoons and Spa life – On this tour you will hear about history of Finnish dragoons.
From Emperors canal to Kekkonen’s canal– On this tour you will hear about the history of Saimaa Canal from 1800s to present day. Guided tours in Finnish, Swedish, English, German and Russian languages.

Additional information and booking:
Saimaa Travel,
Central railway station of Lappeenranta (Matkakeskus), Ratakatu 23
Tel. +358 5 541 0100
saimaatravel@saimaaatravel.fi, www.saimaatravel.fi

The Bordertown TV-Series Walking Tour

Lappeenranta is the famous Finnish Bordertown, where fictional inspector Sorjonen lives in. The tour takes you to the main shooting locations

Bordertown Filming Locations Tour

Bordertown Harbour Walking Tour: At the crime scenes of Bordertown. The Bordertown Harbour Walking Tour starts in front of the Sandcastle Tourist Information point. Tour takes approximately an hour and it leads you around the key filming locations in the harbour and the Fortress area.

Tours are available in Finnish and English.

Further information and reservations:
tel. +358 5 667 788

Get to know Lappeenranta Fortress with a mobile App

The app will find your location and guide you to different objects of
the Fortress giving information about them.
To use the app go to tarinasoitin.fi/linnoituskierros/fi.


Imatra rapids guided walk

On Imatra rapids tour with a local guide you will hear interesting stories about the famous Imatrankoski rapids. The tour takes about 1 hour.

Tours are organized in the summer season by Imatra Tours. The tour starts at 5pm from the hotel Imatran Valtionhotelli. No reservation needed.

Prices: 10€/adult, 5€/children. Cash or card payment.

Further information >>

Ask more about guided tours in Imatra:
riitta.must@gmail.com, tel: +358 400 379509

What is the Saimaa Canal?

The first plans to construct a waterway between Lake Saimaa and the Gulf of Finland were put forward as early as 1499 but it was not until at the beginning of the 19th century that plans to build the canal were revived. The building of the Canal began in 1845 and it was opened for traffic on 7 September 1856. The building of the present Canal was begun in 1963, and it was inaugurated in 1968 by the then President of Finland, Dr. Urho Kekkonen.

The total length of the Canal is 43 km, of which 23 km lies on the Finnish side of the border and the remaining 20 km in the section leased from Russia. The difference between the water levels of Lake Saimaa and the Gulf of Finland totals 76 metres, and is offset by means of eight locks. Goods are transported along the Saimaa Canal to various areas in Finland as well as to several countries in Europe.

One way of exploring the Saimaa Canal is to take a boat trip from Lappeenranta to the Mälkiä lock and back. In summer, there is also a daily boat service from Lappeenranta to Vyborg in Russia. The Canal on the Finnish side is open to all free of charge. You can also enjoy a boat trip along the whole length of the Canal, all the way to Vyborg and onward to the Gulf of Finland. Additional information about canal travel is available from the Canal authorities.

At the kiosk by the Mustola lock you can admire the ships and enjoy a cup of coffee. Monuments relating to the history of the canal can be seen at the Mälkiä lock.

Additional tip!
You can also visit the Saimaa Canal Museum

Exhibition with artefacts, photographs and scale models of old ships and of the Mustola and Juustila lock areas in the early 20th century. Exhibition on Suvorov’s canals in an outbuilding. Restored garden dating from the 19th century and a signposted canal path from Mustola to Mälkiä.

Saimaa Canal Museum
Sulkuvartijankatu 16
tel. +358 (0)204 48 3115
Saimaa Canal Museum


Desantti - drama tour, Rautjärvi

Desantti is an unique war historical experience, based on events that have taken place in Rautjärvi during the Continuation War. Desantti is a drama tour where the participants are Russian spies, dropped off in the Finnish troops’ camp. Read more.


Salpalinja fortifications

Salpalinja (in english: Bolt line) forms Finland’s largest line of defence. The building of the fortifications was begun in 1940-41 by order of Marshall Mannerheim, then the Supreme Commander of the Finnish Army. The Salpalinja is made of over 1200 kilometres of reinforced concrete, wood, barbed wire and stone. The reconstructed bunkers in Luumäki, Lemi, Roukolahti and Ylämaa are worth to visit.

You can also book a guided tour on the Salpa-Linja’s  largest completely built bunker for soldiers here.


Kärnäkoski fortress

Partakoski Village Association organizes guided tours to Kärnäkoski fortress based on demand. The fortress was built between 1791 and 1793 to protect St.Petersburg. The plant species found around the fortress include 130 different vascular plants, seven of these plants are originally from Russia.

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