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Get your backpack on and head out on a hike!

Does a walk in the shelter of the forest have any interest for you, or then perhaps a demanding trek at various elevations? In the Lappeenranta and Imatra region, it’s possible to hike for a couple of hours in the immediate terrain or leave with a tent on a weekend trek: the choice is yours!

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Examples of Lappeenranta and Imatra region hiking and camping routes where you can hike independently.

Close to Lappeenranta

  1. The Saimaa Canal cultural trail, starting out from the vicinity of the Canal Museum, is 1.5 km long. Along the path, the QR codes in the Finnish-language guidance boards offer information in English.
  2. Get familiar with the nature of Finnish fens by proceeding along the duckboards of Hämmäauteensuo. Along the route, a lean-to provides an excellent site to have a coffee break.
  3. Stop at Päihänniemi at a sandy beach that continues for over one kilometre. Climb up the wooden stairs to a lookout site where magnificent views open up to the Finnish lake scenery.
  4. Nature trail Pappilanniemi is located approximately 4 kilometers from the city center of Lappeenranta. The trail is 1,8 kilometers long and easy to walk.
  5. There are several beautiful Saimaa Geopark destinations in Savitaipale. One of them is the Traces of the Ice Age – Stone Age Man route, which follows the beautiful scenery of Lake Kuolimo. The route is suitable for hiking and mountain biking. Part of the route passes the ridge of Lepänkanto, which is also a Saimaa Geopark destination.
  6. Orrai-path at Luotolahdenvuori is also a Saimaa geopark destination. Here you can enjoy the beautiful Lake Kuolimo. The route to the hill is challenging because of its intransigence, but the award on the top is the amazing lake scenery.
  7. Säänjärvi Hiking Path in Savitaipale meanders along the roads and forests of Säänjärvi village.


Close to Imatra

  1. Directly in the centre next to Kruununpuisto Park, you’ll find the starting point to the 1 km Muinaisuoma nature and cultural path as well as to the approximately 3 km Mellonlahti nature link.
  2. Lammassaari Island shore path in the vicinity of Imatran Kylpylä Spa is a route extending three kilometres: alongside a lean-to for a snack break is available. Also the 1,200 km long historical Salpa Line that was constructed at the end of the Winter War is an interesting place to visit; a guide will tell you the most interesting stories.
  3. On the Imatra Geo Trail, you can feel the history from the Ice Age to the present day, and admire the Salpausselkä ridge.


 Close to the border

  1. Head for the River Hiihtolanjoki to take in the river environment and old power plants. Follow a managed hiking trail, stairs and duckboards for 1-4 km along main road 6.


For more demanding trekking

  1. Europe’s extended trekking route, the E10, proceeds through South Karelia longitudinally, and its best route portion is via Ruokolahti and Rautjärvi to Parikkala. The route of over 100 kilometres offers challenging and impressive landscapes. Routes of 2-10 kilometres for day hikes can be found in Savitaipale, Joutseno, Ruokolahti and Parikkala.

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