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Imatra Base Camp – sport tourism services

Imatra Base Camp organizes sport camps, competitions, tournaments and other events of different sports. Our services also include sport meeting services for groups and other leisure activities. Imatra Base camp uses its vast network of local sport organizations and enterprises to offer the best knowledge in a particular sport.

The facilities of Ukonniemi sport area in Imatra fulfils international standards and offers great possibilities for many types of sports, e.g. football, baseball, all ice-sports, skiing, biathlon, golf, tennis, athletics or frisbeegolf. There is also possibility to train many summer sports, such as football in winter in covered artificial grass field. Also the skiing season starts early in fall, thanks to "first snow track" which is the longest in Southern Finland. In the Ukonniemi area there is also a modern baseball-, skiing and biathlong stadion, roller skiing track and pump track.

Running, hiking and mountain biking tracks in beautiful nature of Ukonniemi area, next to Saimaa Lake, offer versatile and challenging conditions for training and competition events. Training and competition facilities are right next to versatile accommodation providers. You can choose to stay in Imatra Spa or sports camp, or even book a whole wooden hotel Rento for the team. All these services are within walking distance from each other, amid astonishing nature sights.

Imatra Base Camp Ltd
Virastokatu 2, 55100 Imatra

Myyntipäällikkö Jaakko Jäppinen


Puh. 020 627 7008

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