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Boating on Lake Saimaa, Finland

Boating on Saimaa

You can truly experience the beauty of nature while boating in the beautiful lake scenery of Saimaa. The Saimaa waterway is a unique sight, where blue and white waves and amazing nature make for unforgettable holiday experiences.

On your own boat, you are able to spend the time just as you please, enjoying the lush shores and rugged rocks. The 13,000 or so islands of Lake Saimaa offer beautiful archipelago views and pleasant places to stop at. Guest harbours offer all the services you need when you want to take a break.

The Saimaa waterway connects the lake to the Gulf of Finland via Lappeenranta and Vyborg in the shape of the Saimaa Canal, which is more than 40 kilometres in length and has a total lift of 75 metres. The idyllic rural scenery you will see alongside the canal has been admired from boat decks ever since its inauguration in 1856.

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