Mehiläinen terveyspalvelut Lappeenranta ja Imatra

Mehiläinen is a well-known and respected private social and healthcare provider in Finland. Mehiläinen provides the widest range of services for private, corporate and municipal customers. If you are in need of a doctor during your holiday you can find Mehiläinen -offices in Lappeenranta as well as in Imatra.

Mehiläinen offers the following services: general and specialist medical examinations, occupational health care, laboratory and X-ray examinations, hearing tests, therapeutic receptions and minor procedures, gynecological services, infertility examinations and treatments, a private maternity clinic. 

Appointment via the Mehiläinen web time reservation 
www.mehilainen.fi or by telephone at +358 (0)10 414 00 (Mon-Sat 06-20, Sun 06-22).

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